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Why Buy a Used Car from a Dealer?

So you’ve saved some cash and now you can look around for some cars for sale. You’ve driven up to a dealer and you can find all sorts of different cars, especially those from brands that you like such as Honda. However, whereas some people go directly to the brand new cars, you might find it a smarter choice to buy a used car. Many people think that a used car should be bought from a private vendor but dealers can offer you something better.

 Dealers can Offer Certified Used Cars
What’s the difference, you might ask? A certified used car has been inspected and repaired, so you can be guaranteed right from the very beginning that this is going to be a 100% fully functional car with no risks. However, the real benefit is that certified used Hondas carry an extended warranty. It might not be as good as a warranty for a brand new car but it’s a warranty nonetheless. It can at least save you a few hundred dollars in case you do need some repairs a few weeks later. That alone covers the bases and ensures that it becomes a no-risk purchase.

Easier Financing
Here’s a solid way to look at the situation – when you shop for a car from a private owner you normally have to pay in cash. What if the used car is still in reasonable condition? Are you willing to just cash out $20,000 with no paperwork or guarantee that it’s in good shape? However, buying a brand new car is difficult for some. Not everyone is capable of getting a good auto loan.

When you get a used car from a honda dealers in iowa this problem is often solved for you. Dealers tend to have their own financing options in case you are having trouble with the bank or other third party auto lenders. Since these are their own cars they are selling they can be a little bit more lenient. You can expect far more flexible underwriting with financing from an auto dealer. If you’re not so sure on your credit standing then getting a used car from a dealer is the safest bet.

The Cars Run
Did you know that a lot of people buy cars from a private vendor only to realize that the car is broken? It may run fine during the initial tests but after a few weeks the little problems start to come out. Bit by bit you’ll realize that you got ripped off into buying a beat-down car that wasn’t worth the price you paid for.

Dealers sell used cars that are guaranteed to work. They have to, since it is a part of their responsibility as dealers. To make it even better you can request for a Carfax report or other vehicle history report to check on repairs, complaints, owner history, mileage, and others.   Dealers are supposed to give you these details when you ask for them. In the long run, buying used cars for sale from a dealer will guarantee that it runs, it’s certified with warranty, and financing is going to be easier for you.

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